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Builder Battles

Builder Battles, also known as Build Battles, have been a staple of the gaming community for over a decade. In a Build Battle, players compete to see who can build the best structure in a given time limit. The competition can be fierce, and the stakes are high - the winner gets bragging rights and prizes. But for many people, the real fun is in the process of building and collaborating with other players. Build Battles typically take place on streaming platforms like Twitch, where spectators can watch and chat with the players as they build. Over the years, Build Battles have evolved from simple competitions between friends to major events with hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. And they show no signs of slowing down - OUTR Studios is proud to bring to this concept to life inside The Sandbox Metaverse. 

Battle Passes

The modular voucher passes are currently available in Underground and Sci-fi themes. These starter kits include common and rare modular assets created by OUTR studios for The Sandbox metaverse. 

Voucher usage:

✅ Includes common and rare modular assets

✅ Assets airdropped after purchase

✅ Access to builder battles

✅ Exclusive design contests

✅ More utility, collaborations and airdrops TBA

Let's Play

Do you love gaming? Do you love to build? Do you love to compete? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you'll love Build Battles! OUTR Studios is proud to present Build Battles, a gaming competition for builders in the Sandbox metaverse. In Build Battles, streamers will compete to see who can build the best structure in a given time limit. The competition will be streamed live on OUTR's social channels, and viewers will be able to vote on their favorite builds. The winner of each battle will receive a prize, and the overall winner of the competition will be crowned the Build Battle Champion. So if you're a streamer looking for a new challenge, or if you're just a fan of gaming and building, make sure to tune in to Build Battles on OUTR Studios.

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