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BLDR, an interactive game developed by OUTR studios. BLDR empowers players to design their dream homes in a gamified environment, encouraging creativity and imagination.


Players of BLDR can experiment with various architectural styles, interior designs, and landscaping features to build their ideal homes and experience. The game provides a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls that enable players to easily manipulate and customize their virtual spaces. As they progress in BLDR, players gain access to a vast array of design options, materials, and furnishings, empowering them to bring their unique visions to life.


Once players have crafted their perfect virtual homes within BLDR, they have the opportunity to mint these creations as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs represent the virtual buildings and can be owned, traded, or showcased within the Sandbox ecosystem.

By minting their buildings as NFTs, players can take their creations beyond the confines of the virtual world and place them on their own land within the Sandbox. This integration allows players to leverage their creativity and design skills in a meaningful way, granting them the opportunity to showcase their virtual real estate assets and potentially generate value in the ever-expanding metaverse. READ FULL MEDIUM ARTICLE HERE

How It Works

Have fun, play and fully customize your building and other large NFT components for your 1x1 experience. 


✅ Play the BLDR Experience

✅ Write down your unique code

✅ Mint on the BLDR code redemption site 

✅ Polygon blockchain for price TBA

✅ Your custom 1x1 Experience will be transferred to your TSB wallet along with all NFTS 

Battle Passes Provide Discount On Mint